MUtable 玩具收納袋

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  • Available in ten different patterns: Neutral, Cars, Chicks, Crowns, Dinosaurs, Igloos, Robots, Rockets, Tepees, Windmills
  • Used with MUtable allows to easily store toys away from the table central hole
  • It can be attached under the table and easily removed and replaced
  • It can easily store up all toys to bring them with you everywhere
  • Ideal for small/medium size toys
  • Designed in Italy

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This convenient bag hangs from the MUtable to easily catch even the smallest toys such as Lego® pieces. When one game is finished, even young children can place toys in the bag through the central hole, pull the drawstrings and switch to an empty bag.

The toy storage bag is also great on the go – use it to carry toys when visiting family and friends, going to the beach, picnics, and much more.

Choose the pattern that help you recognise the content and use different bags to keep your children’s favorite toys organized!