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About HomeVille.com.hk

HomeVille.com.hk is online shopping platform managed and operated by HomeVille Limited. We provide quality products in reasonable price.

We believe home shouldn’t only a living place, but also be safe, trendy and comfy. It provide a place for all family members enjoy staying and resting. The safe, trendy and comfy household products shouldn’t be affordable by most families. So we constantly adding popular products from overseas and commit to reduce the cost for our customers.

我們深信家居不單是住所, 家居應該安全、時尚及舒適, 令一家人喜歡留在家中休息、交流。而安全、時尚及舒適的產品亦應可以為廣大的家庭所負擔。因此我們致力引進各國受歡迎的產品, 並減低成本以為顧客節省更多。


Easy and secure shopping experienced 簡單安全的購物體驗

After select your favourite products, customers can select difference kind of secure payment methods, including Credit Card (Visa or Master Card via PayPal), Paypal or cash on delivery. After placing the order, customers could review the order status online, or contact our customer service team for latest update of their order.

揀選產品並加入購物車後, 客戶可以選擇不同的安全付款方式, 包括信用咭 (Visa Master Card, 並經由 PayPal 支付)Paypal 或貨到支付現金。成功下訂後, 客戶可查閱訂單狀況, 亦可聯絡我們的客戶服務團隊以取得訂單最新消息。


Expedite delivery service 快捷送貨服務

We usually ship out the order in the next working day. 我們通常在收到訂單後下一工作天寄出貨品。


Free Shipping運費全免

Hong Kong customers enjoy free shipping service. Customers from other locations can also enjoy value shipping charges provided by our logistic partners.



Comprehensive and personal service全面貼心的服務

Customers could contact our customer service team via E-mail or leaving a message on our site. We are eager to answer your enquiries.

客戶可透過電郵或於網站內留言與客戶服務團隊聯絡, 我們非常樂意解答你的查詢。


Product range 產品範圍

HomeVille.com.hk provide unique and whole range of product selections. We provide household products from all around the world, so our customers can easily create their trendy and comfy home by simply surf and click in our website. We will constantly add more different kind of products. We also welcome you to request your wished products that may not available in the local market, please e-mail to isuggest@homeville.com.hk or leave a message on our site.

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HomeVille.com.hk 為客戶帶來既獨特又全面的貨品選擇。我們提供的各國家庭用品, 讓客戶可以安坐家中, 輕鬆創造屬於自己的時尚及舒適居所。我們會繼續引入更多不同類型的產品, 並歡迎閣下提出你所希望我們引入以供選購的商品, 請電郵至 isuggest@homeville.com.hk 或網站內留言。